Thank you to both of you. Nala is so adorable. Her temperament is perfect. She loves playing and is always up for a snuggle. She loves curling up into a ball and having a nap on our legs while we watch TV. She's vary brave too.
I would recommend TylandSavannah to anybody who is looking for a top pedigree breed of savannah. You have both been very helpful when ever I have had any questions and the buying process was made easy and simple.
Having seen where you breed the cats, I now know your facility is run properly and professionally. If I ever buy another cat and know where to find the best.
Thank you again.
Hi Carl, Hi Marion,
Was great to meet you last Saturday and thank you so much for bringing our adorable boy to us! He is just so much fun and full of affection - we couldnt be happier :)
Dear Carl and Marion,
So Tilly has been with us a week now and she is divine!
She looks beautiful and she is very very sweet!
She got used to her litter tray straight away.
She purrs and purrs even when we play.
It was very nice to meet you and see all your beautiful cats in your cattery.
Very tempting to get some more !
Thanks for responding to my e-mails ,I think we are well settled now!

Can't wait to see some pictures of the new litter!
i was delighted to meet you both and to thank you for your excellent hospitality, especially the home made cappuccino. That your cattery was spacious and clean and the kittens all very healthy and playful.  I thank you

I have just purchased a kitten from Tylands Savannah and i have to say it was money well spent, not only is my Savannah Kitten Oscar got wonderful markings and is beautiful to look at, but his personality is outstanding, When i read these cats were doglike, i did not realise how true that would be til i got one home and experienced one, he follows me everywhere, sleeps with me in my bed, purrs constantly and sits on my lap all the time, he is a real companion and keeps me amused at all times with his antics, Marion and Carl are lovely as well and offer unlimited advice on any questions that you have, I am defiantly a savannah cat breed fan now and am going to save up for another one as i can see they are going to be very addictive !!!

I have attached a couple of photos for you. 

Hi Marion and Carl,


Happy New Year to you both, hope you have success with breeding this year.


Neema is brilliant such a joy in every way, we love her to bits she sleeps in our bed room now in her bed or on our bed, but she loves a cuddle under the covers with Mummy

 Owner Paulette /Devil of a Boy
A true Savannah F4

I would definately recommend tylands to any one looking to purchase a savannah cat.. I really looked forward to receiving the update photos of her as a kitten before I came and got her, and when we picked her up you made us feel most welcome thank you.. You were also very understanding and happy to answer any questions i had.. Sanaa is such a beautiful looking cat everyone comments on her and she has an absolutely wonderful personality. She is very playful and cheeky she tries to fish my daughters toys out of the bath.. But she has a real loving cuddly side too she follows me around always comes for fuss and cuddles and still sleeps at the bottom of my bed.. I can't imagine being without her.. Thank you soo much









Yeah his really settled in well could not be with out him now even if he does wake me every day at 5am and starts to headbutt me for a hour til I eventually give in and get up and get him his breakfast lol 

Kim xx



Our testimonial has been long overdue and I'm sorry that it has taken this long but if you would like to see below I've now written it:


"We first contacted TylandsSavannahs in December of 2011 enquiring about a Savannah kitten. We spoke to Carl who gave us excellent information about what this particular breed was like and what to expect if we were to purcahse one. They were very informative and helpful and gave us as much information as possible - including prices and when they were expecting litters. 

After we had put the deposit/reservation fee down for a kitten born in 2012 we were constantly kept up to date with what kittens had been born etc. Marion & Carl were both absolutely wonderful while we were waiting for the kittens to be born. Finally our little boy was born and as soon as they were old enough for Marion & Carl to determine their gender we were told promptly. After that their service got even better with picture updates every couple of weeks so that we didn't miss out on his growing before we got him. As the due date for him coming home grew closer Carl & Marion sent us emails with what we would need to have ready for when he arrived and what he would come with - i.e all his information etc. We were expecting to have to go down to collect our little boy when he was 3 months old but Carl & Marion dropped him off for us and explained all the information that came with him. He was all up to date with his injections and had been microchipped. Even after they had dropped him off and said goodbye they encouraged us to contact them with any questions about him which we did. They responded promptly and answered all of our queries. 

Overall I would definitely say that TylandsSavannahs is the breeder to go to if you want to buy a Savannah cat. THey are friendly and helpful and very informative. THey explain that this is not going to be a normal cat & that you shouldn't expect a normal cat - more lik a child! They prepare you with all the information that you are going to need to look after your cat and even continue their excellent customer service after the cat has gone to your home. They return your calls & emails within a good amount of time so you are not left waiting for an answer and constantly keep you up to date with what is happening. I would recommend them to anyone who wanted a Savannah. -- Sian & Ben"


Dear Carl and Marion,


This is to let you know you have changed my life, I laugh more and feel a lot happier after buying 1,then 1 more, and then 2 more of your fantastic Savannahs.


They have fantastic personalities, love to be cuddled and play all the time there is never a dull moment, They follow me every where, I can not even go to the toilet without the tribe lol. Zimba is just the bad boy I wanted  and suki she is such a loving mother to my 2 new kittens I got from you Ozzy and Minx even though she is not there Mother.


I will never go back to any other type of cat as nothing I have had over the year comes close to your Savannahs, they are second to none. I would recommend every cat and dog lover, as they act like dog as well, should buy 1 or more of your fantastic Savannahs they have great personalities and you have to be so proud of that. They are all beautifully marked. I tell everyone they have not lived until you have owned a savannah. They keep you on your toes and make you laugh every day. They all sleep on the bed with me after they have had there mad hour of fun I love it.


I must also say what fantastic people you both are. The service is like your Savannahs Second To None. I have called you many times and you have been there to help and give advice nothing is to much trouble very warm and friendly people.


I would like to thank Carl for his delivery service, all the way to Northumberland. As I would not have had these beautiful cats as you know I would not be able to get to you as I have a disabled son. So I hope you know the Delivery Service is a fantastic idea fast and reliable cant wait for my next Delivery Shades number 5 Savannah. Then number 6.........and oops lol


Love to you Both



Ps  These Cat are great with the disabled as well, they make my son laugh too and he did not laugh much at all.


We just thought we'd send you a couple of up to date pics of our beautiful kittens. Venus & Xena are exactly what we wanted. They are loving, loyal and mischievous! Both of them love to know what is going on at all times and follow us everywhere. They even sit up on the window sill and watch us leave! Both of them love playing with us and we have started to teach them some tricks, they now jump on command and give us their paw for a treat. They are amazing jumpers and will take a toy out of our hands when holding it around 5 feet! Our girls are extremely friendly and have no problems with new visitors, they are very inquisitive and go straight up to see what they smell like and what they have on them that they can play with.

It was important to us to know their background and to see the environment that they grew up in. We appreciated that you spent a good few hours showing us around your home and your beautiful cats. Anytime we've wanted to know something you've been at the end of the phone to offer support and advice without us feeling like we're bothering you. 

We are looking forward to having a run built this spring so that they can spend some time outside too and shortly we shall be taking them out for their first walks.

If you are looking for a Savannah kitten then Tylands is definitely the place to get one from. It is worth taking your time and waiting for the right one rather than going with whoever has a litter at the exact moment you want one!


 Best regards,


Hello Marion and Carl,

Hope you like your gifts! Thank you soo much for Kaysha & Makai, they were really good on the journey lots of purring from them both! They both came out the carrier straight away, Kaysha first and she found the box of toys straight away! They have done nothing but purr and play and are both bolting around the room at top speed with all their toys! Makai has pigged out on some food. Kayshas had a couple of biscuits but too bust playing atm so she will be having some time out after I send this email to have some food. Makai has used the litter tray with no problems and they are both allowing us to love and kiss them purring every time we do. 

We could not have asked for anything better! We love them both to pieces! Thank you again soo much, we will definately keep in touch as promised as we class you as our family also! Its been such an amazing experience and a big pleasure, you are both such lovely people and we love coming to see you!

I have attached some pics for you of Kaysha & Makai in their room!

Hope to hear from you soon

Juliet & family

Hi Carl and Marion, just want to say Tallulah is amazing.  She's a happy, well socialised girl and for that I thank you.  She came out of her carrier and it only took a couple of minutes for her to start playing and purring, and she hasn't really stopped purring since.  She is fearless, and has springs for feet.  She loves being snuggled in a blanket when she's sleeping and is in to everything including the Hoover :)


To anyone thinking of buying a savannah cat, then please look no further than Tylands. I chose Tylands as they don't have lots of litters at any one time, so I knew they had the time to raise the kittens well, with lots of love and affection.  Tallulah is the most socialised cat I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, Tylands really have done a fantastic job with their kittens.  I picked Tallulah from their website and with living so far away, didn't get the chance to visit, so the first day I saw her in real life was the day she came home.  Tylands kept me up to date with regular photos and videos which helped the long wait immensely.  I was kept up to date with when she had her injections and that she was doing ok.  I honestly could not recommend Carl and Marion highly enough.  If I ever get the pleasure of having another savannah I will not be going anywhere else.


As I write this Tallulah has just had her supper and is tucked up snuggled in a blanket in bed :) She really is adorable and she makes my heart melt.  Again thank you so much for my gorgeous girl.  Lots of love Sarah, Tallulah and all the gang x


Just a few words to say , I am so pleased with my marble boy Jajah. I was fortunate enough to live a distance where I could visit & watch Jajah progress & growth. The premises were spotless and all the cats are well looked after and content. Carl & Marion are a wealth of knowledge and always made us feel welcome . Jajah has a lovely gentle temperament , although bouncing with energy. He loves constant attention & purrs even if I glance in his direction. He has a hearty appetite & let's you know when its feeding time, his vocals always entertains me no end. He loves having another Savannah playmate to run off some energy and to share grooming with. He's very much the baby of the family & is growing into a stunning looking boy , thank you so much for your time and effort you had given to our little boy.


  It s been a month now since we picked Manutin up, who is an F5 Marble Savannah.  She has settled in very quickly, used her litter tray within an hour of getting her home, then she kept us awake half a night as was busy playing with her new toys , it was hard to believe that we had just bought her home.

  Manutin is very confident and inquisitive, loves attention.

  Our lives now are ruled by her-she sleeps in our bed, watching TV with us, talks to us and follows us everywhere around the house like a dog .  One room of our house now is full of her toys, however as Marion mentioned her favourite toys are the ones on a stick.

   She loves her walks in the park - climbing the trees, finds squirrels and birds fascinating!!!

Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

    We would recommend Tylands Savannahs if anyone would like to buy a Savannah cat. We are very impressed with kennels- spacious and clean, cats and kittens are very healthy, well looked after and kittens are very well handled.

     Thank you so much for our gorgeous girl.

 Please see attached photos of Manutin in Greenwich park, London

 Katy & Evgeny